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"We know how important is to keep your farm clean and sanitised. Unsanitary conditions can lead to the spread of diseases and bacteria, making it essential to maintain a high level of cleanliness. 

Wet manure in a heated poultry shed, and spilled feed moistened by spills from the drinker lines are just a few of the potential sources of disease challenges and offensive odours. It is in these scenarios where detergents and cleaners play a crucial role in keeping poultry facilities clean, hygienic and safe.

For that purpose, we stock popular and effective products such as Maskomal Agricultural Deodorant, a strong, concentrated deodorizer designed to mask unwanted smells that is non-corrosive and easy to prepare and use. For first-stage cleaning of animal housing, transportation, hatcheries, and food processing areas, Omniclean or Ecofoam Advanced are heavy-duty fast-foaming detergents that will remove a wide variety of surface debris.

Find here the product that suits your needs by filtering by active ingredient, area of use, or application type. Easy and safe to use, keep your poultry farm clean and hygienic and reduce the risk of disease and bacteria.

Our experienced team will help you to offer advice for the best hygienic solution that is most suited to your needs and where you wish to use the product. Get in touch with us

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