Pecking Blocks

"Allowing birds to exhibit their natural behaviour in a commercial poultry environment can significantly improve the overall welfare of a bird, allowing it to reach its full potential. Our range of poultry pecking blocks have been designed to provide natural enrichment activity through pecking, whilst benefitting the bird nutritionally.

Chickens have a natural instinct to peck and scratch at their environment, and it is important to allow birds to do this in a safe and healthy way in the poultry shed, to reduce the risk of feather pecking.

To enhance chickens' foraging experience, the Nutri-Peck Blocks contain essential minerals and trace elements for maintaining optimal performance while providing a good source of nutrition.

The 10kg Nutri-Peck Block delivers lasting benefits for 8-10 weeks, making it a cost-effective, efficient solution for providing enhanced welfare and nutrition. You can read the trial results here

Prevent boredom in chickens with our wide variety of pecking blocks. High in calcium, these contribute to better egg shell quality and support good skeletal health.

At Interhatch, we supply poultry pecking blocks to ensure you have happy and healthy birds. Open an account today to access features such as specific pricing and product usage calculators. "

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