Water Storage Tanks

Potable Water Tanks & Drinking-Water Storage Tanks

Our Potable Drinking Water Tanks, otherwise known as drinking water tanks or vertical water storage tanks, come in a choice of 51 sizes ranging from 150 litres to 90,000 litres. These plastic tanks are constructed from food-grade polyethene ensuring durability and are finished with a smooth interior to protect against bacteria growth and allow easy cleaning.

These popular tanks are single price moulded tanks and can be interlinked up to capacities of 120,00 litres using flanged connections. These rotationally moulded tanks are quicker to install than traditional galvanised steel water storage tank and are used on commercial liquid feeding systems, water dowsing systems, construction water bowser and water treatment systems.

Plastic Drinking Water Tanks
All our potable water tanks are manufactured from WRAS approved (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) polymer is also food grade in black, boat blue or natural only. Plastic tanks in our range include water bowsers, baffled water tanks for window cleaning and car valeting, underground water tanks and rainwater harvesting tanks.

Popular Sizes – 1,050 Litre | 1,500 Litre | 2,000 Litre | 5,000 Litre | 10,000 Litre | 15,000 Litre | 20,000 Litre | 25,000 Litre | 30,000 LItre

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