"When it comes to chicken digestion, grit is an important component that helps them to assimilate their food properly. Made up of small, hard particles that the birds eat and that grind up food in their gizzards, grit allows them to extract nutrients and absorb them into their bodies. At Interhatch, we have grit made up of different mixtures for laying hens and young and growing stock. 

Flint grit is one of the most common types of grit used in the poultry industry. It is made up of small, sharp pieces of flint stone that are ground into tiny particles which provide a grinding action of the gizzard. Oystershell is a soluble grit and provides a valuable source of calcium to the bird helping with eggshell quality.

If you don't want to separate grits, Mixed Poultry Grit is another type of grit made by a mixture of various types of grit, including flint grit, granite grit, and oyster shell grit. It is ideal for birds that are raised on a variety of different feeds, as it provides a range of particle sizes that can grind up food more effectively. Moreover, it helps them prevent boredom, encouraging birds to peck at the grit to keep themselves occupied.

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