Egg Cleaning & Disinfection

Ensure the safety and quality of eggs with our range of egg cleaning and disinfection products, including egg washing powder and liquid egg cleaners. Since eggshells are porous and can transmit microorganisms through them, poultry keepers should make sure that the eggshells are cleaned of dirt, debris, and bacteria.

Using an egg-washing powder product is one of the most effective ways when it comes to egg disinfection, as they are specially formulated cleaning agents for use in manual and rotary egg washers.

A combination of baking soda, salt, and citric acid is usually used in egg-washing powder products to effectively remove dirt and grime from eggshells. Alkali powders such as Sodium Carbonate Light can be dissolved in water to create a cleaning solution that helps to kill any bacteria that may be present on eggshells, making them safe for consumption.

In addition to removing dirt and bacteria, egg washing powder products also help to improve the overall appearance of eggs. Eggs that are cleaned with powder are likely to have a more appealing look, as they will be free from dirt, debris, and discolouration, increasing their market value. 

It is important to note that egg washing powder should not be used on eggs that have cracks or damaged shells, as this can increase the risk of bacteria contaminating the egg inside. If an egg is found to have a damaged shell, it should be discarded immediately and not used for consumption.

Our experienced team will help you to offer advice for the best egg-cleaning solution that is most suited to your needs. Get in touch with us.

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