Winter Supplies

Access to the farm is essential for business to continue as usual but snow and ice can prevent staff from performing their duties, essential feed from being delivered, cleaning teams from performing vital turnaround disinfection, and eggs and birds from being collected. Should the ‘Beast from the East’ return this winter, you may need a snow shovel – they actually work!

Icy conditions can cause accidents – not just sliding vehicles, but slips and trips as well, putting workers out of action. Salting is vital to stop roads and paths from becoming hazardous in icy weather. Stock up on salt now and ensure you have adequate supplies in easily identifiable and accessible bins. Make spreading less onerous by investing in a heavy-duty spreader. It’ll make short work of de-icing paths, driveways and forecourts. And don’t forget to de-ice less frequented areas – these tend to be the ones that catch people out!

Keep staff warm, happy and healthy!

There’s an old army saying: ‘There’s no such thing as poor weather, just poor kit’. Keep staff warm and dry with clothing that is fit for the job - this doesn’t have to be expensive – thermal hats, gloves and socks can make an enormous difference and are easily removed when entering a heated shed. Those operating gatehouses can get cold sitting in chilly makeshift offices – lightweight mobile heaters are essential winter kit.

Winter is definitely coming, whether we like it or not. The weather in recent years has had a tendency to take us by surprise – stock up now so that you can be prepared, whatever the weather.

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