Chick Paper

Ensure your chicks are well-cared for and have the best chance for healthy growth and development with our range of chick paper specially manufactured for the poultry industry, including 300mm Corrugated Paper, ETON Blue, White Chick Feed Paper, and Apple Tray Liners

A good chick paper is absorbent enough to soak up bird droppings quickly but degrade within 3-5 days. It also provides chickens with a warmer floor cover compared to traditional litter covering. This ensures the feed stays in place and encourages healthy feeding habits in baby chicks. Thanks to its high rusting properties when walked on, our Chick Feed Paper attracts chicks to the paper, which means that food and water are as accessible as possible for every chick. This maximises the chances of an evenly developed crop, which is much easier to manage and keep happy.

We also stock 300mm Corrugated Card which is made of high-quality materials and is often used in chick rearing. It can be used for 'penning chicks' or dividing sections of your building off.

As a result, you'll have happy chickens while cutting costs and labour time. The use of chick paper eliminates bird stress and disposal costs incurred during either the manual breakdown or removal required when using kraft, newsprint, or acid-free tissue. 

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