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Improve broiler and laying bird performance with our range of nutritional supplements. From vitamins, essential oils, grits and minerals, they play an important part in maintaining your livestock's health and well-being. All of them have been extensively tested and have ingredients focused on enhancing, protecting and combating the different challenges poultry face.

Our range of nutritional supplements covers all areas of challenge a bird faces, such as Agrivite Hepatix which is a great product for obtaining optimum weight gain in a Broiler Chickens and supporting Layers Birds when it comes to recovery from fatty liver syndrome. You can read more about this in our white paper around healthy liver secrets.Other popular products such as Agrivite Herbacrol which is essential oil-based and is used to stabilise gut health in chickens when it comes to situations of stress and has antimicrobial properties that combat challenges such as Coccidiosis.

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to choose the products that best suit your chickens needs, whether this is to support heat stress, gut health or weight gain, they will help improve their feathering, bone strength, overall immunity and general health. We have formulas which can stimulate digestion and appetite as they contain sorbitol and magnesium, which act on the activation and secretion of digestive enzymes, so you have high-performing chickens with good gut health.

We can help to ensure your chickens receive the proper nutrition they need to stay healthy and thrive. Make an inquiry now and speak with one of our technical consultants to find the best program for your needs.