Agrivite Hepatix

  • AGRIVITE™ Hepatix is a regulator supplement which stimulates liver and renal functions and helps to recover from fatty liver syndrome. An original and complete formula, with ingredients that focus on the liver functions, Hepatix acts directly on the glucid, protid and lipid metabolism.

    AGRIVITE™ Hepatix improves feed intake in intensive broilers production and egg production in layers due to its action on the liver; a key organ for poultry.

    AGRIVITE™ Hepatix boosts the growth and performance of the animal in a single application, with a unique combination of L-carnitine, lysine, methionine, choline and betaine.

    AGRIVITE™ Hepatix stimulates the digestion and appetite as it contains sorbitol and magnesium which acts on the activation and secretion of digestive enzymes.

    AGRIVITE™ Hepatix helps to detoxify the liver and kidney from different toxins. Specific ingredients such as sorbitol and plant extracts have diuretic functions which support the gall bladder activity.

    ​5 Litres.

    ​4 x 5L per case / 160 x 5L per pallet.


  • Product Ref: 911308

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Dose rate: Broilers - 500ml per 100L of clean drinking water / Layers - 1L per 1000L of clean drinking water

Broilers: Use for 3-5 days at each feed transition. Use again for 3-5 days the week before slaughter

Layers: Use for 3 consecutive days every 3 weeks up to peak lay and 3 consesecutive days at times of stress.


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