Fallen Stock

Proper disposal of fallen stock is key for maintaining the health and safety of both the farm site and the environment, as well as complying with legal regulations.

We have different products useful for farmers such as Antiseptic Cleansers with powerful bactericidal action, extra heavy duty Dead Bird Bags, and Stock Markers for ensuring that fallen livestock is disposed of in a safe and environmentally manner. 

Fallen livestock, such as cattle, sheep, and pigs, can pose a risk to public health and the environment if not disposed of properly. If fallen stock is left to rot, it can attract vermin and create unpleasant odours, which can affect the local community. It can also contaminate the soil and groundwater with harmful bacteria and chemicals.

One important aspect of fallen stock management is fast and easy collection of dead and sick poultry. To effectively dispose safely and transport dead birds, poultry catching nets are designed to easily pick up the birds. Use it together with the Hand Held Mechanical Lifter for a simple collection of fallen chicks. This way, it helps to prevent the spread of diseases and maintain biosecurity measures. 

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