Feather Pecking & Boredom

Feather pecking is a common problem in poultry farms that can have serious consequences for the health and well-being of birds. It is often caused by boredom or lack of stimulation, leading to injury, infection, and even death. At Interhatch, we stock several products available to help prevent feather pecking and boredom in poultry flocks, including the popular Agrivite Nutri Peck in different sizes. You can read the on farm trail results of this peck block here 

Mineral blocks are designed to provide birds with entertainment and nutrition. Made from a mixture of grains, seeds, and minerals, they can be hung in the coop or placed on the ground for birds to peck at. They are a great option to keep birds occupied and prevent boredom, which can lead to feather pecking. Use them with Peck Block Holders for an additional means of entertainment and stimulation for birds. 

The addition of mineral blocks to your birds has benefits such as promoting healthy beaks and preventing feather pecking in poultry flocks. They are made from natural ingredients including calcium, magnesium, and sodium, which are essential for healthy bone, beak and feather development. By using these products, poultry farmers can ensure their chickens' long-term health and happiness.

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