Red Mite

Red mites, are one of the most common and troublesome poultry mites and can be a tricky problem to deal with when keeping chickens. These tiny parasites feed on the blood of birds, causing discomfort, stress, and decreased egg production. They are known to spread quickly and can survive for months without feeding, making them difficult pests to control.

For that ‘knock-down’ effect, Cytrol Forte WP 250g is a great product used to control red mites. It contains a synthetic insecticide that is highly effective against a range of pests and is easy to apply. It can be sprayed directly onto bird housing, as well as other areas where mites are likely to hide.

For those looking for organic options, Smite Organic Oblitermite Concentrate contains natural oils that are toxic to mites, but safe for chickens. It can be added to the drinking water of laying hens and can be used in organic farming sites.

The use of red mite control products together with prevention practices such as keeping bird houses clean and dry, natural insecticides, and practising biosecurity measures will control the introduction of red mites into poultry houses. By adding these products and implementing these procedures, poultry farmers can ensure the health and happiness of their birds. We produced a program that will help you combat red mites effectively.

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