On-farm support

We offer a great deal of support across all areas of intensive poultry farming. If you have any questions or need any support or advice please feel free to get in touch.


What we offer

With every new customer, we offer an on-farm visit from one of our experts within weeks of the first order. From this, we can gain a thorough understanding of your operation and identify specific opportunities to further enhance performance. We aim to work with you to improve your flock’s performance and profitability.


Tailored farm report

After a farm visit a detailed report is provided, tailored to your farm and operation. It will identify any opportunities to enhance the performance of your farm and recommend measures that could be implemented. These reports will be made available in your dedicated resource section of the online ordering portal, where routine buying is made simple.


Water treatment

A common area for on-farm support is water treatment, we offer a site survey to discuss water treatment options, establish your current water hygiene positions and answer any questions. After an initial assessment we can propose the best solution that suits you and your farm. We provide continued support with regular visits to help maintain the highest standard of water hygiene.


Large equipment assessment and installation

Bio-security on a farm is key to ensuring the safety of both staff and livestock. We stock a wide range of large equipment and can make recommendations following our assessment, along with installation support to help keep your farm safe. The sanigene products we offer provide 360-degree disinfection to vehicles upon entering or leaving your site. Our staff are on hand to offer assistance and advice on the best products and set up to suit any poultry farm.