Biosecurity is vital in any farm and vaccination becomes imperative when it comes to preventing the spread of diseases, as well as maintaining the health and productivity of the poultry flock. Our range of products can be used for the vaccination of broilers, layers, and turkeys, and their application is recommended to tackle respiratory diseases such as Infectious Bronchitis, Turkey Rhinotracheitis, and Newcastle Disease.

UlvaVac delivers as a fine mist and covers the entire bird, ensuring that the vaccine is properly absorbed, allowing operators to treat up to 30,000 broilers. If the vaccine is applied through the drinking water products such as Vac-Safe Tablets and AviBlue dye added to drinking water help with safe application of the vaccine, they protect the efficacy of the vaccines, and as they dye the water you can physically see when there is vaccine present in the drinking water.

Spray vaccination in poultry is a cost-effective and efficient method of disease prevention. Spray vaccines can be undertaken either in the hatchery or immediately after reception at the farm. Compared to traditional injection methods, the use of poultry vaccine sprayers reduces the stress and discomfort on birds. 

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