Foot Disinfection

Poultry farm owners and staff are increasingly using boot wash cleaning systems and other foot disinfection methods to help reduce disease-causing bacteria on their farms. We supply sanigene foot disinfection systems as an effective way to ensure that contaminated boots do not bring bacteria into the poultry house. 

Boot wash cleaning systems, baths and crates eliminate germs and contaminants from footwear by spraying a powerful disinfectant onto the soles of shoes, which can then be passed onto eggs, feed, or other equipment in the poultry house. Sanigene systems also reduce the risk of cross-contamination between chickens, as well as provide a barrier against contagious illnesses like avian influenza. 

Foot disinfection has been proven to be effective against several bacterial diseases, such as salmonellosis and colibacillosis. Additionally, this method helps prevent the transfer coccidiosis, which is an intestinal infection caused by parasites that can cause serious damage to a bird's health—ultimately leading to death if left untreated.

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