Vehicle Disinfection

Vehicle disinfection is crucial to tighten biosecurity measures and protect your poultry farm from threats such as avian influenza and other germs and viruses, including coronaviruses.

On that scope, vehicle disinfectant mats and disinfection and sterilization gates are specialised systems designed to disinfect vehicles quickly and efficiently in a matter of minutes. The Sanigene 360 disinfection gate is the only vehicle spray system in the UK that sprays the entire exterior of the vehicle, You can discover more about it in this article. We also have hand-held and wall-mounted sprayers that can emit chemical solutions onto the exterior of the vehicle.

For a more automated process, automatic disinfection tunnels are drive-through structures that spray a mist of disinfectant on the surface of a vehicle to sanitise it you can see these in action with this video. The main advantage is that the process simply requires the driver to move the vehicle through the tunnel. It also ensures complete coverage of the vehicle surface. 

In order to clean the interior of the vehicle, have a look at our antiviral disinfectants to ensure that the truck is thoroughly sanitised and safe for use. 

If you’d like to chat through different options for vehicle disinfection gates please get in touch.

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