There are multiple reasons to look to using organic acids for poultry, whether it be for water conditioning, gut health or pathogen control. Our range of acids for chickens are made to reduce pH in poultry drinking water, featuring brands like Agrivite and Nutrimin. Rich in minerals and trace elements, the use of organic acids in water have growth-inhibiting effects on gastric and intestinal microbes, which can prevent the proliferation of many pathogens like Salmonella or E. Coli.

Our Organic Acids for Poultry contain a combination of organic acids, like butyric acid, which supports gut health and absorption of nutrients in chickens. Cider vinegar, known for its antiseptic properties is able to kill many germs, making these products a good addition when it comes to moving chickens, introducing new birds, weather changes or any other stressful event. These acids exert growth-inhibiting effects on gastric and intestinal microbes. 

The addition of these acids in poultry drinking water can help chickens in increasing egg supply, feathering improvement, and flavour enhancement and tenderness of meat birds. Furthermore, acidifying water also makes it more appealing to your birds and encourages water consumption, as poultry tend to prefer water which is slightly acidic. 

Poultry farming is a 24/7 business, feel free to contact our product specialists.

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