"At Interhatch, we supply a range of pumps and suction lances used for various purposes, including transferring fluids, mixing and dosing chemicals, and cleaning equipment.

Known for its precision and reliability, one type of pump that is commonly used is the smart dosing pump ProMinent GammaX Pump. Recommended for central dosing Huwa-San water treatment on farms, it is used to transfer fluids such as disinfectants, medication and detergents in very precise measurements. It can be adjusted to dose different volumes according to the dose rate specified on the product you are dosing.  It can also be fitted with a level-sensing suction lance pump which monitors the amount of product left in the drum of product that is being dosed and will send you an alert when the drum is nearly empty and needs replacing. 

We also have a range of single and twin-head Peristaltic dosing pumps such as Select Dosers which can be programmed to ensure accurate dosing of Huwa-San, disinfectants or medications into water flows."

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