Select-640 Doser - Single Head

  • This heavy-duty intelligent doser is a computer controlled peristaltic pump. Depending on how it is programmed it can be a proportional doser adding products such as disinfectants, vaccines, medications or vitamins to water flows. It can also be a single shot doser dispensing specific quantities of liquids as required.

    If you need a product to be dosed at a rate of x ml/hr, the Select-640 can be programmed as an AutoDoser.


  • Product Ref: 911157

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Technical Specification

Standard ratios 1:50; 100; 200; 500; 1,000; 2,500; 3,333; 5,000; 10,000; 20,000; 33,000; 40,000
Max. water flow400-25,000 l/hr (dependent on ratio and flow sensor)
Min. water flow3 l/hr
Max. pumped output36 l/hr product
AccuracyBetter than 95%
Water meter max.100,000,000 litres
Power12V DC, 3.0A
Pressure2 bar (30psi) max.
Dose interval5 secs
Flow sensorThreaded connection
Filter Recommended in water line upstream of sensor
Delivery linesPVC


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