Flushing Equipment

"Prevent the spread of diseases and protect your farm with our range of flushing equipment and ensure effective cleaning of poultry houses.

To keep your waterlines clean, flushing equipment makes use of high-pressure water sometimes mixed with air to remove dirt, debris, and other contaminants that chemicals may leave behind. Designed to provide a thorough cleaning, our range of flushing equipment can be used to remove organic matter, biofilm, and antibiotics out of the tubing which is left by other chemicals.
Our flushing equipment is designed to clean and sanitize your farm site effectively, helping to improve poultry health and welfare. On that scope, the HEAWAT Drinker Line Turbo Washer generates a mechanic scrub removing biofilm and other debris. 

It is important to select the right flushing equipment and tools for the specific needs of the farm. Considerations may include the size of the farm, the type of housing and equipment, and the type of cleaning solution used. Regular maintenance of flushing equipment and tools is also important to ensure they function properly and provide effective cleaning.

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