Service Package

Service Package


Clean water takes so much more than just a product. It takes a dedicated partner offering bespoke advice and on-farm support, coupled with an advanced chemical solution, smart pumping technology and remote monitoring and that’s exactly what Interhatch delivers.

We believe that clean water is the most important nutrient your livestock require but also often the most forgotten which is why our Platinum support package offers everything to support you:

Step 1

Step 1


One of the Interhatch technical support team will visit your farm to discuss water treatment options , establish
your current water hygiene position and answer any questions. This will include:

  • Looking at current pumps / water source / systems on site to check compatibility
  • Looking at recent bacterial water samples taken on farm and taking new samples if required
  • Endoscope work in the lines to establish visual cleanliness

Step 2


Your sales account manager will prepare a dedicated proposal that best suits you and your farm. This includes
ongoing treatment costs and various pump / set-up options. An example of these would be:

  • You use current pump / equipment already on site
  • You purchase one of our dosing pump options
  • We provide you with an option to finance the pump for you to spread the cost
  • We offer a contract where we install our Smart Dosing Pump with Remote Monitoring FOC in return for a 3 or 4
  • year contract on chemical.
  • Our engineers will set up the pumping system on farm and test as necessary

Step 3


Ongoing support on farm is the most important part of the package. Our standard package comes at no additional
cost to you and includes:

  • Farm specific ‘Instructions For Use’ (IFU) supplied to each farm and training for farm managers.
  • 24/7 remote monitoring of the pump (If Smart Pump is installed) enabling us to react quickly to any issues
  • Regular site visits per year to carry out a water hygiene audit, including testing residuals and endoscope work.
  • Technical Support team on standby to react to any additional call-outs required
  • A commitment to deliver clean water, whatever it takes – Our support team will offer hands-on support including
  • shock treatment at turn-around if required.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you manage your water treatment.