Coccidial Disinfectants

Coccidiosis is a common challenge among poultry, causing significant economic losses in the farming industry. Therefore, it is important to prevent and control the spread of this parasite on farms through the use of coccidial disinfectants in poultry housing. This helpful life cycle diagram will help you get your treatment plan right

Coccidiosis disinfectants like Kilcox Extra, Ominicox, and Kokzi-Des are important tools for poultry farmers to prevent and control the spread of coccidia and other diseases. They have proven to be effective solutions when it comes to controlling and preventing the spread of coccidiosis in poultry farms.

With a unique blend of active ingredients, Kilcox Extra is a heavy-duty coccidial disinfectant that works to eliminate the coccidial parasites that cause the disease. DEFRA-approved, this broad-spectrum disinfectant is effective against a wide range of pathogenic parasites, including bacteria, fungi, and enveloped viruses. 

Smite KokziDes is the strongest Phenol based coccidiosis disinfectant on the market. Is known for its effectiveness in controlling and preventing the spread of the parasite and also there eggs, while also providing long-lasting protection against future outbreaks. What’s more, it combats Cryptosporidia, fungi, and viruses

It is important to note that the use of coccidial disinfectants should be a part of an overall disease management program, which should also include proper sanitation, nutrition, and biosecurity practices. Please refer to this white paper to get a better understanding of Coccidiosis.

As these products are classed as hazardous, please contact our team for more information about delivery and specific pricing. One of our technical consultants will be happy to build a bespoke biosecurity program specific to your farm and requirements.

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