Huwa-San TR50

  • The original and most advanced, DEFRA approved, silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide on the market.

    10 Litres / 12 kg


  • Product Ref: 667400

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Huwa-San TR-50 is a unique stabilized hydrogen peroxide that stands out for its superior stability and efficient operation. Thanks to its unique stabiliser, Huwa-San retains its power throughout the entire water system. Moreover, unlike other products, it doesn't contain any harmful substances and is odourless, colourless and non-corrosive at the correct dosage. Huwa-San is designed to be used at low levels when the birds are present to ensure the water lines are kept clean and free of bacteria, this is especially important when water has been held in water storage tanks or the water source is borehole. Huwa-San is also used as a cost effect terminal disinfectant of the drinker lines and underground pipes to remove biofilm and bacteria.


  • No harmful by-products, breaks down to oxygen and water
  • Odourless and colourless
  • Effective against bacteria
  • Effective against yeast and fungi
  • Effective against encapsulated viruses
  • Non-corrosive on plastic and rubber
  • Prevents deposits and build-up of organic material (biofilm) which are a breeding ground for bacteria and moulds.
  • Optimises efficacy of vaccinations, medication and additives.
  • Complies with BS and EN regulatory standards
  • Chlorine free
  • Alcohol free


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