• 10kg Lucerne bale to improve the diet of poultry and help prevent boredom.

    100% Alfalfa.


  • Product Ref: 200127

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Helps prevent boredom in poultry

  • High fiber content
  • Helps prevent boredom
  • Stimulates natural cock behavior
  • Very work friendly

Unique digestive system
The intestinal length of poultry is shorter compared to mammals. In order to gain sufficient digestive time, the poultry digestive system uses a reflux, which means that the feed moves in two directions. In young animals, alfalfa supports the development of the gizzard. The fibers from alfalfa stimulate reflux and intestinal peristalsis and retain moisture and nutrients in the intestine for longer. Through optimized digestion, drier manure is excreted, the bedding stays drier and any infection pressure is reduced.

Poultry behavior
With a shortage of ration or pain and stress, unwanted behavior such as feather pecking can occur. Compact Lucerne Easy offers distraction and stimulates natural behavior. Healthy poultry become more active, eat and drink well, and takes care of itself.

Why roughage?
Roughage has a positive effect on health, behavior and well-being. Raw fibers stimulate the activity of the gizzard and reduce the risk of bacterial and worm infections.

Feeding advice

  • Spread the bales as much as possible so all hens can eat alfalfa/lucerne
  • Place Compact Lucerne in the evening to prevents stress in a restless couple
  • Allow the streps for slow feeding of the lucerne
  • Use a rack or hay net and avoid wasting the product
  • Start by feeding Compact Lucerne in the first weeks of life

Our Lucerne is heated by a gas fired process. During this heating process there aren't arising dioxins, PCBs or heavy metals in the alfalfa. By heating it to high temperatures, the alfalfa is free from moulds, moisture and bacteria such as Salmonella.


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