Agrivite ProStart Chick Gel, 400g

  • Agrivite ProStart Chick Gel is a unique formula developed specifically for day old chicks to provide quick hydration, energy, early gut protection and development. It can be used for all poultry species starting from the 1st day of life.

    Provides Rapid Source of Energy: contains rapidly available carbohydrates.

    Protects the Gut: supports early intestinal protection against pathogenic bacteria (ex. Salmonella) and early gut development. Butyric and Lauric Acid are very well known and proved in preventing gut wall colonisation with pathogenic bacteria as well as for early gut wall development and increased nutrient absorption.

    The prepared product contains more than 90% water retained in a soft palatable gel matrix which is stable up to 12 hours. It is formulated to support hydration and the prevention of essential electrolytes loss during transport.

    When to use Agrivite ProStart:

    Apply onto the chick starter feed on top of the chick paper where chicks are tipped, to hydrate and provide nutrients rapidly and encourage the chicks to start in the best way with water and feed consumption.


  • Product Ref: 210215

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  • Better start, lower mortality & weight loss during transport to the farm = Better quality chicks received
  • Lower 1st week mortality
  • Better 7 days weight gain
  • Better weight at processing
  • Quick to prepare
  • Easy to apply
  • Non-sticky formula for carton boxes and chicken feet
  • Tasty formula, no bad taste preservatives
  • Holds up to 12 hours
  • Low product dosage required
  • Provides essential nutrition without negatively affecting water quality

Mixing rate:

  • 400g sealed tube (for 10.000 chicks) - to be mixed in 15L of water

3 simple easy steps, less than 15 minutes needed:
Add 400g tub to 15L clean water. Mix after 3 minutes and then leave the gel to form for 10 mins. Administrate the gel with a scoop or by hand.


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