Omnigel Detergent

  • OmniGel is a heavy duty sprayable gel that thickens on dilution to form a clinging gel. Ideal for rapid removal of heavy build-up of fats, proteins and general soil. OmniGel is suitable in both hard and soft water. It is designed for use through all types of pressure washers and foamers.


  • Product Ref: 910691

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Key Features

  • Excellent cling and prolonged contact time
  • Powerful action on heavy organic deposits on floors, walls and plants
  • Use on slats, cages, pens, livestock housing, floors and walls
  • Can be applied hot or cold
  • Can be applied as a foam or a gel


OmniGel should be diluted between 2-5% depending on soiling and thickness of gel required. Apply via a suitable foaming lance on low pressure to ensure prolonged contact time.

For best results OmniGel should be applied using water of ambient temperature.

Leave OmniGel on the surface for up to 15-30 mins do not allow to dry before washing thoroughly with fresh potable water applied via a high pressure washer with either hot or cold water.


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