Give chicks the best start with ProStart Chick Gel

The first few days of a chick’s life are crucial for getting it off to a good start. For chicks to flourish, they need to start drinking clean water and taking in nutrients as early as possible. Getting the chick to the drinker lines can be tricky, and then there is the stress and dehydration that can come with transportation and arriving and settling into the shed – this makes it less able to defend itself against harmful bacteria. At Interhatch, we’ve responded to this issue by developing a product that will provide quick hydration, energy and early gut protection to enable every chick to thrive: Agrivite ProStart Chick Gel. Applied via a novel method to keep the drinker lines clean and protect water qaulity.

What is Agrivite ProStart Chick Gel?

Agrivite ProStart Chick Gel is a unique formula developed specifically for day-old chicks. It has a three-pronged action:

It prevents dehydration

Agrivite ProStart Chick Gel contains more than 90% water retained in a soft palatable gel. It is formulated to support hydration and to prevent the loss of essential electrolytes during transport or at times of stress.

It provides a rapid source of energy

Agrivite ProStart Chick Gel also contains rapidly available carbohydrates (Sorbitol and Dextrose), SCFC (Butyric AcidEncapsulated) and MCFA (Lauric Acid-Encapsulated). This gives the chick an instant energy boost, helping to make it more active and therefore more likely to access drinker lines and to take in feed.

It protects the gut

Agrivite ProStart Chick Gel contains butyric and lauric acid – which help to create an ideal environment in the gut for the colonisation of acid-tolerant, to acidic conditions. Creating this positive balance in the gut, provides the chick with much-needed early intestinal protection against pathogens. Butyric acid also has an anti-inflammatory action on the gut and aids nutrient absorption by fuelling the cells of the gut lining and keeping it healthy.

As well as creating the ideal conditions for beneficial microflora, Agrivite ProStart Chick Gel contains a probiotic, which contains the lactic acid bacteria Enterococcus faecium which additionally supports fast colonisation of the gut and suppresses potential pathogens.


How to use Agrivite ProStart Chick Gel

Chick placement

Agrivite Prostart Chick Gel can be applied just prior to chick placement. Young chicks sometimes struggle to get to the drinker lines and find the nipples. ProStart gel has been formulated to be highly palatable to young chicks – when laid over feed on chick paper, they will consume the gel initallly, attracting them to the feed at the same time. As the gel is largely water, this results inthe chicks ending up getting a very good early dose of feed, water and nutrients, which provides an optimum start.

So easy to prepare and use

Mix one 400g sealed tube (for 10,000 chicks) with 15l of water. Leave for 10 minutes (mixing once half way through to allow the gel to form) Administrate the gel by sprinkling it evenly on top of the feed with a scoop or by hand (wearing gloves advised)


Agrivite Prostart Chick Gel has multiple benefits

  • Better start, lower mortality & weight loss during transport to the farm
  • Better quality chicks received at the farm
  • Lower 1st week mortality
  • Better 7-day weight gain = better weight at processing
  • Quick to prepare and easy to apply
  • Non-sticky formula for carton boxes and chicken feet
  • Highly palatable formula
  • Low product dosage required
  • Provides essential nutrition without negatively affecting water quality


We’re really excited about this innovative product and believe that it can make a tangible difference to those vital first seven days of a chick’s life. Agrivite Prostart Chick Gel is specially formulated to meet the requirements of young poultry of any species and has been developed as a result of many farm visits and listening to the issues experienced by our customers across the UK. We think it will make a very real difference, both to chick welfare, and to poultry farming, where every small gain counts.