Echberg Washers

Echberg Manutech Aps are a Danish owned company, specialising in the development, design and manufacture of customised washing, handling and packing automation equipment. Echberg Manutech Aps work in partnership with Interhatch as their UK distributor.

Echberg are unique in Specialising in Combi Washer’s, which clean, disinfect and dry all three parts of the Plastic Egg Transport system in one machine. The result is huge cost savings in less water usage, less energy usage, less floor space required, a more user friendly machine, increased automation and reduction of labour cost through less operators required.

All Echberg washers are made from high quality Stainless Steel to each individual customers requirement. All machines also come with a 2 year guarantee from handover or up to 2,500 operating hours (whichever comes first).