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"Hand hygiene is a critical aspect of personal hygiene and plays a crucial role in preventing the spread of diseases and infections. Good hand hygiene practices involve washing hands frequently with soap and warm water or using a hand sanitiser when soap and water are not readily available.

At Interhatch, we have a selection of hand sanitisers, dispensers, and soaps that are kind to the skin, perfume, and dye-free to ensure unparalleled antimicrobial protection. One effective hand sanitiser that can be used is Deb Instant Foam Sanitiser. This alcohol-based hand sanitiser is quick-drying and provides fast and effective protection against germs and bacteria. It contains moisturizing agents that help to prevent dryness and irritation, even with frequent use.

To make hand sanitization convenient and easily accessible, wall-mounted dispensers provide a touch-free hand sanitiser solution, reducing the risk of cross-contamination. The dispenser is easy to install and can be programmed to dispense the appropriate amount of sanitiser for each use, helping to conserve supplies and reduce waste.

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