Rapid VSC 240 Hot Pressure Washer

  • V-TUF RAPID-VSC 240v Hot-Water Compact Heavy-Duty Pressure Washer is popular for day-to-day monotonous cleaning tasks tackling large amounts of grease, oil, dirt, or stubborn dirt. The RAPID-VSC steam cleaner swiftly lifts all deep-rooted thick sludge, dirt, and grime from all hard surfaces.


  • Product Ref: 530189

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• Superb Cleaning Performance.
• 100% 304 Stainless Steel (Highly Corrosion Resistant) Cover.
• Thermostat - Full Control of Temperature.
• Minimal Long-Term Maintenance.
• Energy Efficient & Low On Emissions.
• Simple Electric Circuits - (Guaranteed No PCB's & Electrical Faults).

The V-TUF RAPID-VSC hot water electric pressure washer offers a time saving of up to 35% with drastically improved cleaning results compared to a cold-water model. Cleaning using hot water offers optimises the cleaning process by allowing you to use less chemical, as well as impressive cleaning results.

Oils & Greases are known to be hard to clean, especially in food factories, but using Hot water softens congealed oil and grease and radically improves emulsification, making it very easy to efficiently remove, clean, and sanitise.


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