CFU 2P Double Nozzle Cold Fogger, 2 x 2.5mm Nozzle

  • The coldfogger system is specially developed for fogging disinfectants or other additives to provide a complete object or surface treatment.

    Double Nozzle - 2 x 2.5mm


  • Product Ref: 530220

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The guaranteed average droplet size smaller than 10 micron makes sure that every part of the surface is treated evenly.

The robust design of the nozzle, with chemical resist hoses and stainless steel parts, provide you with a problem-free and reliable system that allows high quality disinfection day after day.

The nozzle is designed to create a dry mist. This way surfaces stay dry, but can still be treated with the additive in the mist. This machine can be used with virtually all disinfectants: hydrogen perioxide, quats, formaldehyde and aldehydes.

Used for egg stores to fumigate eggs with Huwa-San EggFog.


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