VTH25 Water Flow Sensor

  • The VTH25 water flow sensor is a high quality turbine sensor and works with a water flow range of 200-10,000 l/hr

    It is durable with a long working life.

    This flow sensor can be used with any Select Doser.

    1 1/4 inch BSP female connections required.


  • Product Ref: 911159

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The VTH25 is an open construction allowing for ease of inspection. In case of malfunction, inspect the unit to determine if any foreign particles (hair, feathers, vegetation etc.) are preventing the free-running of the turbine.

It is preferable to protect the VTH25 flow sensor by using a water filter upstream of the sensor.


Because of the relatively high capacity of this sensor, it can be used in water pipe lines where large flows of water can be expected. In agriculture, this sensor can be uses where water is supplied to a large number of pigs, or to many poultry houses.

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