Rodilon Trio, 3kg

  • A highly potent anticoagulant, with no known resistance in rats or mice. Uses mixed grains (oats, sunflowers and maize) resulting in increased palatability in mice. The active is inserted into the grain making it ideal for mice who remove the husk when feeding.

    Active: 0.0025% w/w Difethialone


  • Product Ref: 617829

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For indoor use in Ireland and for indoor and outdoor use (around buildings) only in the UK. The mixed grains (oat, sunflower and maize) used in this formulation have been chosen from the most palatable grains known to increase rodent consumption, even in the most difficult treatment environments. This, combined with the “turbo impregnation” technology used in production, delivers Rodilon Trio its extreme palatability and overall superior performance which makes it the ideal product for mice control.

Key Features and Benefits:

Turbo impregnation: Each grain is coated and impregnated through to its core which offers;

  • Enhanced mice control (Mice remove the exterior of the grain and eat the middle).
  • Significantly increased rat control due to more consistent coverage of each grain.
  • Minimal dust, reducing exposure to the user.

High palatability.

Ideal for mice.

Active ingredient locked in.

No known resistance in rats or mice.


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