• Sanigene Disinfection Tunnel
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Sanigene Disinfection Tunnel

  • An automatic vehicle disinfection system sprays the entire vehicle with particular emphasis on the chassis and wheels, the next stage of vehicle disinfection is automatic fogging with a chemical agent that takes place for a specified time.

    Whole vehicle fogging/misting enables difficult-to-reach places to be thoroughly disinfected. A disinfection tunnel with appropriate dimensions will cover the entire car with a disinfectant. The disinfection tunnel is a barrier, a border between the clean zone and the dirty zone.

    Thanks to the patented two-stage disinfection, we guarantee that the cars entering the farm and production plant are 100% disinfected. 


  • Product Ref: 200291

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Features of the Disinfection Tunnel

  • Building dimensions ensures full truck coverage
  • Two-stage vehicle disinfection
  • Automated disinfection process
  • Low-temperature operations system that allows a disinfection gate to be used below 0°C
  • Roller, automatic entry and exit doors
  • The tunnel is made of the highest quality materials and is resistant to chemicals and external factors