Vertox, Whole Grain, 20kg

  • Ready to use formulated bait using food grade micronised wheat. Micronisation prevents germination and begins the conversion of starches to sugars, sweetening the bait and increasing its attractiveness to rodents.

    Active: Brodifacoum 0.005% w/w & denatonium benzoate 0.001% w/w


  • Product Ref: 911175

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  • Vertox Whole Wheat Bait contains an aroma, giving a unique chocolatey smell.
  • Taste adjuvants and sweeteners improve bait ‘take’, and bio-stats inhibit the growth of fungi or bacteria when the bait is used in damp conditions.
  • Highly palatable and effective against all pest rodents.
  • Vertox Whole Wheat Bait is the ideal bait to use where the target population is feeding on whole grain foodstuffs.


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