Zero Fly Granular Larvicide

  • Larvacide used to control fly larvae in intensive livestock units, manure heaps and landfill sites. Contains 2% Cyromazine. Supplied in Heavy-Duty Carton. Suitable for dry or watering can application.

    • Prevents larvae from developing into flies
    • Reduces overall fly challenge
    • Infectious disease vectors are reduced in number
    • Reduces stress caused by nuisance flies

    Active: 2% Cyromazine


  • Product Ref: 910781

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Application rate: 250g per 10m2

Can be applied as dry granules. Wet application may achieve preferred results, particulary on dry litter.

Spraying: 250g in 1-4L of water

Watering: 250g in 10L of water, for application by watering can



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