Fly Select - 2kg

  • A yellow granulated bait insecticide based on 1% Azamethiphos for the control of flies in all livestock housing. Contains a pheromone to attract the flies.

    • Kills by both contact or ingestion
    • Eliminates flies virtually instantly
    • Azamethiphos has the fastest kill compared to any other chemcial on the market
    • Especially effective against resistant flies
    • Has a bright yellow colour which is an added attractant to the flies

    Active: 1% Azamethiphos


  • Product Ref: 910774

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Azamethiphos is the only approved organophosphate available and is the fastest killing active against flies, killing instantly on contact or ingestion.

Effective against:

  • Common House Fly
  • Lesser House Fly
  • Stable Fly

Bait Application: Sprinkle thick layers on paper, boards or dishes. Lightly spray with cola or even egg yolk to help stick to increase attractiveness.


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