Cimetrol Super, 500ml

  • An oil in water microcapsule suspension effective for the control of bed bugs, fleas and other crawling insects. Also contains an insect growth regulator.

    • Cimetrol Super is a professional grade insecticide that contains a very high loading of its active ingredient.
    • It is proven to be highly effective against crawling and flying insects such as bed bugs and fleas.

    Actives: Cypermethrin 25% w/w, tetramethrin 10% w/w, piperonyl butoxide 20% w/w & pyriproxyfen 1% w/w


  • Product Ref: 910927

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Cypermethrin is a metabolic synergist, and pyriproxyfen is an insect growth regulator.

ApplicationsCimetrol SuperWaterSurface
Low infestation, or application on clean surfaces25ml5L100m2 (50ml/m2)
High infestation, or application on dirty surfaces50ml5L100m2 (50ml/m2)








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