Fiem Hatcher MG316H EVO

  • The Fiem Hatcher MG316H EVO series is usually coupled with incubators without internal hatching compartment to implement a programmed weekly hatching cycle to reach the best hatching performance. This model consists of decimal digital temperature regulation and control thermometer in °C degrees and humidification is performed through either water troughs or via an external ultrasonic humidity tank (sold separately). A wet-bulb hygrometer provides for an accurate reading of humidity percentage inside the hatcher.


  • Product Ref: 620240

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Fiem Hatcher MG316H EVOCapacity
Chicken - Mallard320
Red Leg Partridge504

The electronic control unit with backlit LCD allows managing – with a very easy usage – the full range of advanced parameters listed below:

  • 5°C to 45°C (0,1°C decimal accuracy) range temperature is regulated by LCD electronic control unit with proportional-integral-derivative controller (PID), that provides for an absolute temperature precision inside the incubator.
  • °C/°F immediate conversion.
  • Maximum temperature alarm.
  • The LCD electronic control unit can perform the digital reading of humidity expressed in RH% (range 20-99%) and on demand, if connected to an ultrasounds humidifier, it is a super-modern digitally-regulated automatic humidification systems.
  • Ventilation intensity is fully and digitally adjustable according to the different incubation phases.

Technical Data

Power SupplyV/Hz220-240 / 50-60
Power ConsumptionWatt200
Net WeightKg25


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