Sanigene - HydroGuard Boot Washer

  • The boot cleaner system of brushes and a low-pressure water spray system with a build-in chemical mixer, to clean shoes from organic contaminants.
    The patented arrangement and form of the brushes allow for thorough cleaning of the dirtiest footwear.


  • Product Ref: 200302

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Perfect for cleaning and disinfecting shoes in the agriculture sector. A proven, inexpensive and effective way to prevent diseases.

Features of the Boot Cleaner

  • Thorough cleaning of footwear even removes dried dirt
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Disinfection not only of the soles of the shoes but also of the sides and top,
  • Guaranty of disinfection with a clean solution of disinfectant and cleaning agent
  • Low consumption of disinfectant



Sanigene Boot Cleaner

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