Synergize, 25L

  • A synergistic, formulated disinfectant engaging the combined activities of a quaternary ammonium compound and glutaraldehyde. Maximising the microbial power of both, in a non-corrosive, foaming, liquid disinfectant with a pleasant pine fragrance.

    • Dual active formulation provides broad-spectrum efficacy
    • Ideal for use across multiple applications for terminal and continuous disinfection
    • Effective in hard and soft water
    • Effective in the presence of organic matter
    • Residual activity
    • Excellent foaming quality to achieve optimum contact time with all surfaces including vertical and non-porous surfaces
    • Non-corrosive
    • Low embryo toxicity concerns in poultry hatchery applications
    • Application: Foaming, Spraying, Fogging, Wiping Surfaces


  • Product Ref: 201626

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Application Instructions:

  • Routine hard surfaces: Apply a Synergize solution diluted 1:400 at the rate of 300 mL per square metre and allow 30 minutes contact time.
  • Equipment: Immerse in a Synergize solution diluted at 1:400 for 30 minutes, leave to dry before being placed back.
  • Boot baths: Ideally a two bath system. The first bath, use water to clean the boots, aided by a stiff brush. Use Synergize in the second bath diluted at 1:50. Change the disinfectant solution every 2/3 days or when visibly dirty.
  • Vehicle disinfection: Using at low pressure application method. Synergize can be used to disinfect hard non-porous surfaces inside and outside the vehicle prior to transportation and on return at a dilution rate at 1:100 or 1:400 when specifically targeting viruses.


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