Diversey Divodes FG VT29, 5L

  • Divodes FG is a no-rinse alcohol based disinfectant for open plant applications

    Fast working disinfectant spray

    Safe for use on food contact surfaces

    Evaporates rapidly, leaving no residue

    ​5 Litres


  • Product Ref: 200992

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• Suitable for the disinfection of alcohol-safe surfaces, machines and components (conveyors, fillers, bottle inspectors, water-sensitive components, etc) and articles such as chopping boards commonly found in the food and beverage industry.

• It can also be applied during mid-shift breaks to maintain a good standard of hygiene until production is restarted.

• Divodes FG consists of a mixture of alcohols formulated for optimal biocidal effect. It has a broad spectrum of action, and is effective against most vegetative forms of micro-organisms.


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