Smite Biocare Agrisec 250 Plus

  • Agrisec 250 Plus is a 'New Generation' ground sanitizer and absorbent powder with all the advantages of Agrisec 250 but with added Halamid (Defra Approved) disinfectant powder, for improved germ-killing properties.


  • Product Ref: 667210

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Agrisec 250 Plus is not intended to replace litters. It is a moisture- absorbing powder containing a specially selected blend of essential oils and terpenes, including citronella.  The added DEFRA approved Halamid disinfectant gives it sanitising properties too.

  • New Generation Product - Contains Yucca and Essential oils
  • High Absorbant Acpacity - Absorbs 1.5L / kg minimum
  • Totally Natural Ingredients
  • Pleasant Odour - Scented with citronella
  • Spread directly on litters of all types 
  • Can be applied by hand
  • Biodegradable and does not contain phosphates
  • Agrisec 250 does not become muddy or slippery when wet but creates a clump which makes cleaning easy.
  • Agrisec 250 also shows an insect repellent effect
  • Agrisec 250 contains yucca extract, widely recognised to help neutralise ammonia in livestock buildings


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