Sanigene - HydroSan 360

  • The Sanigene 360 Vehicle disinfection gate is the best way to disinfect 100% of vehicles entering to and from site. A cost effective way in protecting your business and significantly reducing the risk of disease entering your site.
    Designed to be used on farms, feed mills, zoos, veterinary practices, processing plants and any other area where disease spread is a risk.
    360 degree disinfection spray ensures the complete vehicle is disinfected.


  • Product Ref: 200269

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Features of the Disinfection Gate

  • Durable components ensure years of outstanding performance with minimal maintenance
  • Made of powder-coated aluminium what makes it lightweight and easy to install
  • Spray lance with a 20m hose for spraying in inaccessible spots
  • Width of gate 4m as standard
  • Hight of gate 5.25m as standard
  • High-quality 230V or 400V powered pump
  • Start up options: automatic sensors start/stop, remote control on/off and manual on/off - The automatic sensors use technology to only pick up metal objects. 
  • Low-temperature operations system that allows a disinfection gate to be used below 0°C
  • Reflective elements ensure adequate visibility after dark
  • Build-in dosing system, multiple dilution levels
  • Easy to change from 360 disinfection to just the chassis of the vehicle 
  • Disinfection time of the truck 15-25 seconds
  • Water consumption from 10L/min up to 90/L min



Sanigene Disinfection Gate

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