Washing Equipment

Here at Interhatch we provide a wide selection of washing equipment to meet any application: tray washers, egg washers, pallet washers, pressure washers and more. We treat each customer as a unique case to ensure that we are providing you with the best solution possible, to achieve optimum results. 

We are the UK distributor for Mach-C and Echberg washers enabling us to provide a comprehensive and quality range of products. 

Hand Washing

Well designed, practical and hygenic sinks and taps for installation in almost any environment.

Pressure Washers

With a choice of hot or cold water washers, we can supply well-priced reliable equipment to suit your needs

Egg Washing

Interhatch provide egg wash powder, liquid and machines for your egg washing needs. 

Mach-C Washers

Mach-C develops, builds and delivers turn-key solutions for eggs washing, tray washing and pallet washing all over the world. Mach-C only use high...

Echberg Washers

Echberg Manutech Aps are a Danish owned company, specialising in the development, design and manufacture of customised washing, handling and packing automati...