Avian Nutrition

Agrivite™ offers poultry enthusiasts, retailers and commercial users a complete range of scientifically designed products, 'Inspired by chickens - for chickens', to combat boredom and support nutrition.

Our own brand includes a wide range of nutritional supplments including feed, vitamins, prebiotics and more. 

Whether it's a large or small flock, from backyard to commercial, Agrivite products have been designed with bird welfare in mind!

For more information visit our dedicated Agrivite™ website.

Nutrition: Domestic Livestock

Our Agrivite™ brand provides a wide range of products for domestic chicken keeping. Peck blocks, grits, tonics and much more. Just look out for Chicken...

Nutrition: Commercial Livestock

The nutritional needs of your livestock are extremely important, especially on a commercial scale. It’s crucial that animals are at optimum health...

Nutrition: Specialist Avian

Interhatch can supply a wide range of nutritional supplements and specialist breeding products to support your birds, both individual and larger flocks....