Professional Incubators

Over 30 years experience goes into our selection, specification and supply of ‘serious incubators’ for ‘serious breeders’ particularly for special eggs.

Whether incubation is your profession or your passion and whether your interest lies in the successful hatching of rare or exotic eggs, or the equally successful hatching of larger numbers of eggs on a regular basis, maybe as a semi-commercial enterprise,  then Interhatch  offers all you need. We work with raptor breeders, conservationists, research establishments, universities and zoos as well as waterfowl and chicken breeders to provide the right incubation and rearing equipment to meet their own specific goals.

From the Middle East to the Americas, or Europe to Antarctica, or anywhere else in this world, at Interhatch we specialise in the supply of quality incubators and we are committed to providing you with the best incubator to suit your needs and your budget. Our experienced sales staff are always ready with advice on any of our products and always happy to discuss your requirements.