Commercial Incubation

Over the past 40 years of our involvement with avian breeding Interhatch have developed a keen sense for what is looked for in the field of commercial egg incubation, not only for poultry but also game. As a result, we look for partner manufacturers who are able to offer meaningful innovations which are tangible and which can be proved and relied upon when put to the test.

In today’s highly competitive market, nearly all manufacturers can supply you with equipment that will work and give reasonable results – but their focus is on their own equipment only; Interhatch aims to offer you a selected package where myth has been separated from reality and deliver you a solution that will give you that extra edge in the industry - that ‘leg up’ which is so vital to enable you to grow profitably and keep ahead of the game. Whether this is achieved by improved hatch rate,  energy savings or simply increased  efficiency, our aim is to help you maximise your return on investment.

Take a look below at our partner manufacturers and what they have to offer: