Chicktec® EggFast™ Transportation System

Unique, efficient and cost-effective - our system consists of 3 components. Find out how the EggFast™ Transportation system can work for you. 

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Why Choose The EggFast™ System?

  • Reduced costs - increased profits: EggFast™ allows loading of approximately 15% more eggs on the same truck and gives a return on investment within 2 years.
  • Increased hygiene: EggFast™ trays offer increased hygiene features over other fibre or plastic trays on the market as they are especially designed for washing, drainage and drying.
  • Resilient material: EggFast™ trays are made of durable memory polyproylene with high UV resistance
  • Compatible with automatic and manual systems: The EggFast™ system is compatible with both fibre and other plastic trays as well as robotic and manual handling systems.
  • Stackable up to 6 layers high: A full pallet of 6 layers of trays holds 12,960 eggs.
  • Developed to last longer  -  EggFast™ trays have a 3 year guarantee and are built to last; we have some customers that have been using the same trays for over 15 years.
  • Developed to save you time  -  Innovative design features such as the ‘cone’ design, slide in grooves and end buffers in the dividers together with superior wash speed makes the system extremely efficient.
  • Developed to reduce breakages  -  The corners of the trays are especially designed to reduce accidental impacts as the force is absorbed on the system rather than the eggs.

With all this in mind it’s clear to see why EggFast™ is a market leader!

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