Avian Breeding

Interhatch has had a deep interest in avian artificial insemination and breeding for many years. The success of any breeding  or incubation project, whether it be commercial scale mass production, endangered species conservation projects, endeavours to achieve pure breeds or just to hatch some ducklings to delight the children, depends on many factors. Without the right building blocks, be they nutritional, environmental or simply good husbandry, optimum results are unlikely to be obtained.

Particularly where conservation is concerned, some species need a little help – and this is where Interhatch comes in. Providing specialised breeding rations,  artificial insemination equipment, a range of laboratory and analytical equipment and consumables, we are well placed to help you with any avian breeding project you have on hand.

Artificial Insemination

Interhatch’s main expertise in artificial insemination is in the provision of utensils, extenders and analytical equipment for use largely in manual in...